Meat Your Local Butcher: Malcolm at Palmerston North


Welcome to the first in a series of introductions of our local owners throughout the Export Meat Warehouse stores. So, if you’ll excuse the pun, let’s “meat” the first butcher.

Malcolm Dempsey owns and runs the Palmerston North store at 75 Milson Line with his wife Jo. Malcolm brings a wealth of experience to his store, having been a butcher for 38 years, coming to the trade as a clean-up boy in his after-school job.

Malcolm’s favorite cut of meat is the scotch fillet. His tip for getting the best out of this cut is to store it in a beer fridge. “Only turn it once”, he adds, referring of course to the best way to cook it.

Malcolm sees the biggest challenge facing him and his team at Palmerston North is to maintain the quality of their product, while at the same time aiming to remain cost competitive.

In response to the question of what he does in his free time, he replies, “What free time?”.  The staff however,  suggest he may be a little partial to watching Spartacus in the evenings, hence his classic gladiatorial pose in the photo.