Recipe: Warrior Burgers

Serves 6. This recipe originally appears on the New Zealand Beef and Lamb website.


For the beef patties

• 500g lean Quality Mark minced beef
•  1 onion, finely diced
•  2 garlic cloves, peeled and chopped
•  1½ tsp prepared mustard
•  2 Tbsp sweet chilli sauce
•  2 tsp prepared horseradish (optional)
•  1½ tsp Worcestershire sauce
•  1 egg
•  2 cups breadcrumbs
•  1 tsp salt and pepper to taste
•  6 hamburger buns, halved and toasted

For the Burgers

•  Lettuce
•  Sliced tomatoes
•  Sweet cucumber pickle or gherkins

For the Warrior topping

•  75ml fresh cream, whipped
•  4 Tbsp sour cream
•  1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
•  2 tsp sweet chutney
•  Salt and pepper to taste
•  Dash of cayenne pepper or tabasco (optional)



Combine all the patty ingredients and form into 6 patties of equal size with wet hands. Make the Warrior topping by combining the whipped cream with the sour cream, stirring in the rest of the ingredients and mixing well. Keep refrigerated until needed. Barbecue the patties on an oiled grill for about 5 minutes per side, over a moderate heat. Assemble the burgers by stacking on freshly toasted buns, the patties, lettuce, sweet cucumber pickle, sliced tomatoes and a dollop of Warrior topping.