Meat Your Local Butcher: Toby at Tokoroa

Tokoroa teamI’m not giving away his age, but Toby Cotter (that’s him on the right hand end with some of his team) has been a butcher for 55 years, so you do the math. Butchering was a part of his family, which is how he came to the trade. He and wife Kay (that’s her out front) have been operating the Export Meat Warehouse in Tokoroa for over fifteen years, but this energetic couple are not ones to rest on their laurels, running an award-winning business renowned in town for its friendly and knowledgable service.

Over his time as a butcher Toby has seen many changes in the industry, particularly the introduction of pre-packed meats, but he also enjoys the variety of meats on offer beyond the basic cuts of his earlier days. He sees the biggest challenge to the industry at the moment as being able to maintain a consistent supply and quality of local stock.

Toby enjoys a good steak, so long as it is always well rested after cooking. If he weren’t a butcher he would probably be a farmer, a good indication of his down-to-earth nature. When he’s not running the store, you will often find Toby out enjoying the wilds of the South Waikato – cycling, tramping, or, for a slightly more gentle pace, playing bowls. I think we need to find out where Toby gets his batteries from – he certainly has plenty of energy.