Meat Your Local Butcher: John at Levin

John Forrest set up shop at Export Meat Warehouse Levin in September 2012, but he’s certainly not new to butchering, having been one for over 35 years. Like so many with extensive retail butchery experience, it began for him as an after school job, where he gained an insight into all the tricks and tips of the trade. His top tip? “Hang all steaks for at least 1 1/2 to 2 weeks.” he says after some consideration. Needless to say his favorite cut of meat is the classic t-bone steak.

Actually, John is something of a classic himself, with a real interest in classic cars. If he weren’t a butcher, he could see himself as a mechanic, turning the spanners on the older gleam machines. He also enjoys a round of golf when he can squeeze it in around running his busy store.

He sees the biggest challenge to the industry these days as educating the public about the real strengths and advantages of having an experienced local butcher to call on for their meat requirements. John is well placed to do this in Levin, with his loyal customer base that keep coming back for his friendly service, quality products and in-depth advice.