Meat Your Local Butcher: Joe at Masterton

Joe image 1Joe Baker is only a recent addition to the ranks of Export Meat Warehouse store owners, taking over the Masterton store in January this year, after managing it for the previous year. He is not new to the industry however, having been a butcher for 22 years, getting into the trade, he says, “by mistake”.

He has seen “heaps” of changes in the industry during his time as a butcher, seeing the biggest challenges to the local butcher being able to compete on price against big players, and the rise of imported meat putting on even more price and quality pressure. To counter this, Joe puts considerable emphasis on staff development, aiming for a skilled and friendly team to greet the customers in-store at 437b Queen Street in Kuripuni, Masterton.

If he wasn’t a butcher, Joe could see himself as a private investigator, but in his spare time you’re likely to find him kicking back and watching dvds (old Magnum PI episodes maybe?). His favourite cut of meat is the scotch fillet, cooked medium rare to be at its best. Something unusual about Joe is that he is part Aboriginal, but you won’t find him going walkabout any time soon – he has a busy store to run.